RAW agents fed up with Modi’s policies: Juma

ISLAMABAD – Overseas Pakistan Baloch Unity founder Dr Juma Khan Marri on Thursday said that RAW’s agents in Balochistan were fed up with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies.

In a social media post, Juma Marri said: “Indian Defence Review proved my point correct (that) Modi’s policies on Balochistan and Kashmir failed miserably.” He added: “Let me also break important news for my Baloch brothers. Even high officials of RAW working on Balochistan desk are fed up with Modi and his team due to failed policy on Balochistan.”

Marri congratulated the government and the people of Pakistan. “Indian Defence Review calls for a war because India’s own supreme leader Mahatma Gandhi said and I quote ‘first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’.”

The OPBU has reiterated its resolve for bringing back the innocent and misguided people of Balochistan to mainstream and confront and expose those elements working on behest of India. The organisation was launched to confront and expose so-called Baloch independence movement across the world.

Marri reiterated that OPBU would resolve all the issues of innocent and misguided people of Balochistan on political asylum abroad, for bringing them back to mainstream of the country.

He said that soon the organisation would be expanded to different countries across the world headed by prominent personalities from the Balochistan diaspora, who would also announce their disassociation from so-called Baloch separatist movement.

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