Congratulation to Mr. Imran Khan and his Party on Election victory

I congratulate Mr. Imran Khan and his Party on Election victory

I am very delighted to know that you have won the majority of seats in elections to form new and healthy government in Pakistan that was long awaited. Your victory with a good majority has filled me with immense joy. I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your well deserved and long awaited success.

You deserve to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan as you have undoubtedly worked very hard to achieve this position. Your commitments and dedications have helped you attain this post. You will be able to put many things back on track now which have long been haywire. I am sure that you will choose very hard working non corrupt team to run the country in next five years and resolve all the major political, social and economical problems country is facing today.

You are the perfect candidate for this post. All your hard work has been paid off. The zeal to do something for the country and for the young masses of the country has made your winning the elections more realistic.

I hope you will easily fulfill all your promises and shine brightly in the future. Wishing you all the best for your noble future endeavors.

Dr. Jumma Khan Marri, chief coordinator Overseas Pakistan Baloch unity (OPBU)

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