Dr Marri Speech at Quetta Press Club

Yeh Joo Dashatgardi hai,
Iss k pechay Bharati Wardi hai….

3rd May 2018 , Moscow; Russian Federation.
(Ex) Baloch Separatist Leader and Founder of Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU) Dr Jumma Khan Marri addressed (online) Nazaria Pakistan Forum at Quetta Press Club from Moscow.

A gathering was arranged by chief organiser “Nazaria Pakistan Forum” Mr Razz Muhammad Luni at Quetta press club to welcome Dr Jumma Khan Marri for joining mainstream Pakistan and announcing disassociation from Baloch Separatist Movement. Dr Jumma Marri addressed the gathering online from Moscow. In his speech Dr Jumma Khan exposed Indian Evil designs and Indian paid so-called Baloch leaders like Hyrbyar Marri, Brahamdagh Bugti and Mehran Marri. He appealed all Baloch activists to lay down their weapons and play positive role in development of Balochistan. He also advised Pashtoon brothers not to fall prey to Indian propaganda and RAW. In a reply to recent propaganda campaign in KPK , he said “”YEH JOO DASHAAT GARDI HAI , ISS K PECHAY BHARATI WARDI HAI””.

Among other speakers were Nawab Zafarullah Shahwani, Rana Muhammad Ashfaq, Razz Muhammad Luni, Mir Arif Badini, Mir Muazzam Shahwani, Mir Usman Parqani and Ali Achackzai.
Slogans of Pakistan Zindabad were raised at end.


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