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Kohlu people flood the streets in support of Dr. Jumma Khan Marri

Dr Juma Khan Marri founder & chief coordinator of “Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity” (OPBU) , addressed huge gathering at Kohlu (Balouchistan) from Moscow:

– 4th April 2018 , a huge gathering held at Kohlu, Balouchistan to welcome Dr. Jumma Khan Marri’s decision of disassociation from so-called Baloch Separatist Movement and to join mainstream Pakistan. The event started in the form of rally from bank chowk kohlu carrying banners with welcoming remarks for Dr. Jumma Khan Marri. Among others, several tribal elders also attended the gathering. A highly charged up and enthusiastic gathering was addressed by several speakers, among them were Wadeera Rab Nawaz , Wadeera Ghazi Khan, Mir Sher baz Marri, Wadeera Mir Gul Sanjrani Marri, Syed Nazim Shah, Wadeera Bevragh Marri , Umar Farooq and Mir Zarak Khan.

Dr Juma Khan Marri addressed the gathering from Moscow. He thanks people of Pakistan especially his supporters in Kohlu for arranging such a big gathering to welcome his decision. He said that projects like Gawadar port and CPEC will change the fate of Balouchistan. All those who are opposing these projects are not only enemies of Pakistan but are enemies of people of Balouchistan. He requested all Baloch to lay down their weapons and start contributing in these ongoing projects for betterment of Balouchistan. He said that Indian paid so-called leaders are enjoying luxurious life in Europe and on contrary common Baloch public are the one who are suffering the blunt of terrorism , may it be attackers or the victims , in both cases Baloch community is the sufferer. He said that he has launched an organisation “Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity” (OPBU) which will expose and confront these disgruntled so-called Baloch leaders on all forums & fronts abroad. He said that soon he will come back to Pakistan, but first he & his organisation OPBU will dismantle these anti-Pakistan elements abroad by showing their true face to Baloch people and international community. He requested people of Balouchistan to help and support him in his mission of peace , unity and brotherhood.

While addressing the gathering from Moscow , Dr Juma Khan Marri was accompanied with main appointment holders of OPBU, Mr Noor Habib Shah, Mr Chaudry Zahid Khurshid and President Pakistani Community Russia (Mil Ker Pakistan) Malik Shahbaz.

The event remained extremely successful. Gathering of such a charged up crowd at Kohlu and addressing by a speaker from Moscow happened for the first time in history of Balochistan.









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