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OPBU launched to expose Indian funded anti-Pakistan elements in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: In a welcome move, an organisation, namely Overseas Pakistani Baloch Unity (OPBU), was launched to confront and expose elements behind the Baloch independence movement on the global level. The organisation has been launched with the slogan: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

In this regard, an event was organised in Russia’s capital Moscow by Dr Jumma Khan Marri along with his supporters.

The event was also attended by different segments of the Pakistani community residing in Moscow to show their solidarity with the movement. Dr Marri briefed the participants about the manifesto, structure and relevant details of the organisation.

The OPBU reiterated its resolve to bring back the innocent and misguided people of Balochistan to the national mainstream and expose all elements that have been destabilising the province at the behest of India.

Addressing the launching ceremony of OPBU, Dr Marri reiterated that the OPBU would resolve all the issues being faced by the innocent and misguided people of Balochistan who were living abroad on political asylum.

He said that they would also confront and expose all Indian funded so-called Baloch leaders like Hyrbyair Marri, Mehran Marri and Brahumdagh Bugti at all international forums.

Dr Marri said that soon the organisation would be expanded to different countries and each office would be headed by prominent personalities from the Baloch diaspora, who would also announce their disassociation from the ongoing Baloch separatist movement.

He also advised all Balochis involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan to lay down their weapons and start working towards improving the situation in Balochistan by participating in the development of the province.

He gave a call to Balochis from Kohlu (his hometown) to support him in his mission of peace, unity and brotherhood.

Dr Marri also announced the names of other office holders of the OPBU, which included Chief Coordinator Shahnawaz Baloch, Coordinator Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Noor Habib Shah, Coordinator Sindh Syed Ali Kamran Zaidi, and Coordinator Punjab Chaudhry Zahid Sohail. Other affiliated organisations would also lend their support to the newly established organisation.

On the occasion, the official website OPBU was also launched with the following address:

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