India funds terrorist groups in Balochistan: Juma

Expresses loyalty with Pakistan, CPEC harbinger of national development, Balochistan’s prosperity

Omar MalikMoscow

Pakistani community in Russia has been celebrating defection of Dr. Juma Khan, a Baloch leader from the militants of Balochistan. The community has held receptions in his honour. Following is an interview of Dr. Juma Khan given to Pakistan Observer:

Q: What has inspired you to return back to the fold of patriotism?
A: There are some very important factors due to which, I decided to return. One of the main reason is that today’s so-called Baloch movement is completely hijacked by India. Disgruntled leaders like Brahamdagh Bughti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri are completely controlled by Indian Intelligence Agency RAW and are on its pay-roll. They are not only just behaving like spokes persons of India but are also assisting them in several terrorist activities inside Balochistan thus killing innocent Balochs. On the other hand Pakistan is trying its best to address genuine concerns of Balochs. Several development projects are in progress, CPEC is the biggest example. As I said in my speech on 17th February that future of Balochistan is only and only linked with Pakistan. These so-called leaders on exile abroad are only misguiding innocent Balochs for their own vested interest and personal materialistic gains thus providing India a battle ground (Balochistan) to fight proxy war against Pakistan. After arrest of Kulbhushan Jadhev and his confessions everything is crystal clear. Moreover rather addressing Kashmir issue, Indians are playing Baloch card and using these disgruntled leaders as their tool. India on one side is killing Kashmiri Muslims and on contrary raising voice showing concerns for Baloch Muslim, this stance of India is difficult to digest and clearly exposes its evil designs
Q: Why were you discouraged or disheartened by so-called Free Balochistan leadership?
A: As I told you, they are completely controlled by Indian Intelligence agency RAW and are on its pay roll Their desire to get Indian nationality and laying of flowers on Gandhi’s statue further exposes what they are aiming for. Moreover they are enjoying luxurious life in different parts of Europe and motivating Balochs to fight on ground and carrying out terrorist activity, resultantly killing innocent Baloch on both sides and filling their pockets.
Q: Since you played an important role in representing the so-called “Balochistan case” can you tell us about its organisational setup and who is financing the project to break up Pakistan?
A: Their organisational setup is simple, broken in three main parts, first one, the main body sits abroad like in Europe so called leaders, they get the lion share of funding through Indian embassies specially through Indian journalists and diplomats. Second part is through their people in Afghanistan who get some funds and arms directly through India these funds are transferred through the porous borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan, third group that is inside Balochistan on grounds these consist of small terrorist networks spread in different areas, are used as hit and run for terrorism. As mentioned above every penny comes from India but through two main sources, RAW funds the leadership and their so called backup groups who write for them and organize demonstrations, conferences abroad etc. Number two main hardcore ground help comes from Indian Military intelligence, they provide the training, arms, ammunitions, communication facilities, provide intelligence regarding the movement of Pak army units through military satellites, these people also provide them the tasks what they should target on grounds to create more terror and fear on grounds. 
Q: Which other institutions or agencies are involved in supporting the separatist movement of Balochistan?
A: As mentioned above there are three main components used by india against Pakistan, but here I would like to add more , one is RAW paid media who 24 hours busy zooming fly to make it look as an elephant and second hardcore Indian Hindu nationalists like RSS who hate Muslims is the hardcore elements who want to pay Pakistan with same coin for Kashmir using Balochistan
Q: How many Baloch militants and radical elements are sitting abroad for example in India or Afghanistan and how they get foreign support?
A: There are not so many as their leaders try to prove them as such, in Afghanistan there were many training camps during 2006 till 2012 but many of their people defected and the numbers of training camps have reduced ever since, but there are some refugees who are suffering because UNHCR refused them as refuges and their leaders left them under open skies without any help. My heart pains for these people my organization plans to raise their issue and wants to return them with respect and dignity. If numbers are needed they have roughly some 50 to 60 people who are used for conferences and demonstrations, there are some students studying in India and Afghanistan, only the helpless are left in Afghanistan all their close people were shifted to western countries. Their fighters on grounds are roughly around between 600 and 900.
Q: What future now you do see for separatist movement after senior and leading leaders like you have left the platform?
A: I see their future is bleak and they have no future, they must agree for a dignified return or waste their lives running like wolves on mountains and valleys as their leaders enjoy their luxurious living abroad. The common man must use their commonsense to return back to normal life and their leadership will stay away and use Azadi slogans as long as India pays. Once Indian stop funding them, they will open their doors wide open for negotiations with Pakistan to get a better deal and soft seats.
Q: What is your advise to other separatist leaders and militant groups of Balochistan?
A: My advice is simple they must give up violence and come to negotiation table and discuss their grievances through dialogue, because India wants to fail the CPEC that will harm Balochs more than any other body else because CEPC will bring real life changing progress and development first and most to Baloch people through Gwadar and other infrastructures building and job creations as we must not listen to negative propaganda.
Q: What message would you like to give to Pakistani nation?
A: My message to Pakistani people is that they must bring unity among their ranks and dedicate their lives in building their families, villages, towns’ cities society in general and country at large, should not listen to any of our enemies conspiracies against our national unity by dividing us between Baloch, Pashtoon, Sindhi or Punjabis etc.

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