Feudal Bugti, commoner Mengal in war of words over Dr Marri; With Jumma I only talk about Moscow says Claudia

Brahumdagh Bugti (left) with Dr Jumma Marri in Geneva about 14 months ago

The Republican News Network, which is believed to be managed by loyalists of exiled Brahumdagh Bugti, president of the Baloch Republicin Party has accused a German activist and a Baloch activist of joining hands with Moscow-based Dr Jumma Marri, leading to a war of words in Switzerland–thousands of miles away from Balochistan..

The accusations followed the Baloch Voice Foundation, which is led by Munir Mengal, holding successful side events at the Palace of Nations during the 37th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Continue reading “Feudal Bugti, commoner Mengal in war of words over Dr Marri; With Jumma I only talk about Moscow says Claudia”


‘Pakistan Unity Day’ celebrated in Moscow

ISLAMABAD: Expatriate Pakistanis living in Moscow, especially the Baloch community, Saturday celebrated ‘Pakistan Unity Day’ under the slogan ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.

Dr Jumma Khan Marri, Baloch sub-nationalist leader, intellectual and one of the senior political activists attended the event and announced his separation along with his supporters from the so-called Baloch Independence Movement, according to a statement received here.

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India funds terrorist groups in Balochistan: Juma

Expresses loyalty with Pakistan, CPEC harbinger of national development, Balochistan’s prosperity

Omar MalikMoscow

Pakistani community in Russia has been celebrating defection of Dr. Juma Khan, a Baloch leader from the militants of Balochistan. The community has held receptions in his honour. Following is an interview of Dr. Juma Khan given to Pakistan Observer:

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Has Russia Lost Patience With India?